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Maxime Wattel - April 16, 2019

Will diversifying your portfolio help it grow?

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Tony Solomou - June 12, 2018

Selection of Family Office Software: The Top Challenges Today

The first Family Offices were established in the prosperous late 1900's, more than a century ago....

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Tony Solomou - May 29, 2018

The Elysys Way: Family Office Software

Since 2008 Elysys has been working with CEO’s of family offices and individual investors to create...

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Tony Solomou - April 19, 2018

Tougher regulatory environments? Assess your fund accounting software

The winds of compliance have become considerably tougher on financial organisations over the last...

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Tony Solomou - July 19, 2016

Investment performance analysis for your family office software

The primary goal of the family office is to maintain the capital of the family and to provide...

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Maxime Wattel - July 05, 2016

The ERP Solution to Future-Proofing your Family Office Operations

Any IT professional who has been involved in the process of modernising a company’s ERP knows that...

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Tony Solomou - November 06, 2014

Do you believe in Cloud security for the Wealth Management Industry?

      INTRODUCTION Hello again. In a previous posting I raised the flag in favour of SaaS for...

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