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The Wealth Management industry


The financial services industry is tough, fast moving and under stringent regulatory constraints.

Firms are under increased pressure to adapt to new rules and improve visibility and compliance while controlling cost. They end up having to deal with a myriad of disparate legacy applications often a mix of on premise and cloud software that often come with inconsistent data and waste of resources.


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Empower users to make better decisions faster


  • Reporting and analytics in a familiar environment
  • View data inside Excel or Microsoft Power BI
  • Access dashboards and reports on the web or from a mobile device
  • Eliminate any need to understand the underlying data structure
  • Gain valuable business insight from day one

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Integration is the way forward


  • Turn you multiple disconnected systems into one
  • Boost Efficiency with automated tasks and workflows
  • Get a complete picture of the business
  • Ease up administration and security management


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Rapid Time-to-value


  • Familiar interfaces, industry standard user experience
  • Start from a standard template setup with 'RapidStart' tool
  • Local country specific localisation includes local regulatory requirements
  • Customer proven and Microsoft certified solution
  • Customisable to meet the most demanding financial business needs


Key features



Complete back-office operations


With unlimited number entities, you can easily create or copy companies with the ‘RapidStart’ tool.

This part of the software provides out of the box financial statements, budgets, receivables and payables
fixed assets, cashflow forecast, VAT and consolidation modules.

 Use industry standard XBRL for your regulatory reporting.




Modern cash management


Generate bank payment files in ISO20022/SEPA format or use the Bank Data Conversion Service for generating the appropriate electronic payment file for your bank.


Create direct debit collections, import bank transactions and bank statement data from electronic files sent from your bank. Generate computer printed checks.



Multiple investment accounting modules


Use built-in modules for the management of Equities, Commodities, Private Equities, fixed income (including MBS), Options, Futures, Forwards and Swaps. US Gaap or IFRS mode. Fund accounting software


Manage loans and deposits, fixed or variable rates, interests and/or capital repayment. Produce reports to capture the compliance with mandates at any point in time.


Integration to third party data providers


Front-Office trades processing with the ability to generate orders for transmission to brokers, custodians, etc…


Import executed transactions from your ordering platform. Update daily rates, market prices and market indexes from various providers. Import orders, executed trades from electronic files.

Interface directly with custodians for higher volume of transactions with a number of largest players in the industry globally ( Custodians, Banks, Funds Managers, Brokers, Market Date and Clearers)



Versatile Loans and deposits modules


Choose between Interest only or amortization loans, Fixed rate, variable rate loans and deposits.

Create calendars to match with your markets. Use Loan balloon repayment date, increase decrease capital, early repayment, capitalize interests and payment holidays.


Setup bundles of loans, use dimension codes for analytics and split ownership. Pledge the loan against an asset or a portfolio


Reports and analysis, the power of BI


With a single centralized and structured source of data the reporting and analysis task is made easier from day one.

Reporting: Use our standard reports or customise your own. Our open technology reporting tool is fast to learn and enable you to design the report you need.


Analysis: Ratio such as Time Weighted Returns, Standard Deviation are pre-calculated and stored as ‘measures’ in our multi-dimensional cubes (OLAP cubes) providing most advanced insight across portfolio and financial data.



Risk and Compliance


Choose from a list of pre-build compliance rules to define your mandates and mitigate risks.

The system provides rules over allocations, exposure, weighting, investment ratings and counterparty risks. Rules may be run individually per portfolio or aggregated across several portfolios and several legal entities.

Produce one set of report showing results across all compliance rules with one click.




Improve your organization’s flexibility to develop, modify, and control budgets so you don’t get overextended.

Focus business performance through better revenue and expense accountability. Reach goals quicker with estimating tools that provide income and expense reporting by prospective jobs. Track budget versus actuals and stop over- spend before it’s an issue




Contact management


Create contacts and groups to support your business relationships. Manage your contacts within Outlook or integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for deeper contact management capabilities.


Streamline your contacts and investors communication, respond to prospects faster. Get a complete overview of interactions and accounts status.


Role-specific customisable profiles


The ‘RoleTailored’ user interface design provides a quick overview of the relevant information. The system can be easily personalised to adapt to each role with tailored-made dashboards.


Front-Office, Middle-Office and Back-Office profiles are provided as default


Interface to custodians and other market players



As part of a portfolio management activity, investment managers have to track the full details of all the stock and cash movement for all assets and liabilities. Tracking all the transactions inside your wealth management software brings the following benefits:

  • Ability to account for cost, realised and unrealised profit and loss separately - as per US Gaap, IFRS or both
  • Calculate performance such as time weighted returns
  • Consolidate across several portfolio and entities in multiple currencies

Detailed transactions may then be:

  • Keyed in, for small volumes
  • Imported in an electronic format, this can usually easily be setup but data integrity cannot be guaranteed.
  • Interfaced directly with the custodians for higher volume of transactions

Elysys provides a number of technical solutions for each of the above including specialist interfaces with a number of largest players in the industry.

Start a free trial of Elysys Wealth, or contact an Elysys representative to answer your questions or help you locate a partner

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Elysys Wealth is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve, and transform. To help get you up and running quickly, Elysys Wealth is sold by a network of reselling partners that offers both technical know-how and industry expertise. Whether you prefer a partner located near your business or one with specific industry knowledge we can help get you started.

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