Gearing up Public Sector finance management

Advanced products to support the Public Sector with their growing financial services operations


Traditional accounting tools are too limited for the management of new financing needs


As public finance sector operations continue to grow substantially, they are facing the challenge of managing multiple financial assets and debts spanning loans, bonds, notes, forex, options, etc... 

Their current tools need to be upgraded to meet these new complex requirements that support their operations as well as their regulatory and financial compliance requirements.


Supporting the Public Sector with their advancing loan requirements

Solving the straight-through processing challenge in Public finance

  • Manage loans, bonds and any type of financial asset or debt within one system with one single source of truth.
  • Easily control your debtors accounts centrally and instantly without additional entries.
  • Easily produce management account reports and financial statements from the same system.

Regulatory and compliance

  • Minimize the regulatory and compliance overhead cost all lending Departments.
  • The platform complies to a variety of accounting standards (IFRS, US GAAP, LUX GAAP, etc..) and provides specific functionalities across a number of jurisdictions.
  • Bring a consistent and scalable methodology to deliver more services faster in a cost effective manner.

Structured finance, a broad marketplace.

We offer an array of solutions for the structured finance industry including:

  • Asset Finance and project finance
  • Alternative finance
  • Securitization such CLOs, CBOs,
  • Structured debts, Loans syndication

 Making Public Finance simpler


Re-create your existing Excel model inside a modern and auditable financial system


Out of the box compliance with regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions and accounting standards


Mitigate accuracy and data consistency risks across all of your financials with a 'single source of truth'

Problems solved

Solving the integration gap in structured finance


Operational flexibility

  • In cloud or on-prem
  • Easily tailored & extendable 
  • Use any device, anywhere


Optimal connections

  • with banks
  • with brokers
  • and other market players


Modern workspace

  • Connect your data with Microsoft 365
  • Power Platform and Sophisticated apps


Simpler Implementations

  • Getting started checklists
  • Kanban deployment methodology
  • Agreed deliverables


Easier staff onboarding

  • In-app contextual help
  • Break-through barriers
  • Adapt to anything

The reports and insight we get out of Elysys successfully help us to deliver our business vision, Elysys understands how our business works

Elysys has provided us with valuable guidance and direction, we have experienced a strengthening relationship since we started working with Elysys

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