Elysys Loans

End-to-end Solutions for Traditional and Structured Finance


Leveraging the power and scalability of the mighty Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Why develop proprietary systems when Microsoft’s next generation of ERP comes with core best of breed financial accounting, banking, security and technology frameworks?

Elysys leverages the power and scalability of the mighty Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. We bring sustainable advantage, particularly for the delivery of highly specialized treasury management applications.

Start solving your problems


Get rid of Excel spreadsheets


Bring your financial system to life with a solution built on the proven Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central used by 118,000 companies worldwide.


Safeguard your investments in compliance and regulatory for now and in the future


Manage all borrowings and lendings in an integrated and flexible way

Features include:
  • Interest only and capital repayment loans
  • Fixed and variable rates 
  • Ad-hoc capital and interest repayments
  • Currency loans and forex revaluation
  • Flexible fees and commissons
  • Loans to banks and customers
  • Loans restructuring
  • Tranches and bundle loans
  • Import of manual payment schedule



Complete back-office operations

Loans transactions are processed straight through to the back office across all accounting ledgers and sub-ledgers.

Capital and interests movements, accrued interests entries, forex revaluation gains and losses, long-term/short term loans are all accounted automatically as per IFRS or GAAP requirements and according to pre-defined flexible accounting rules.


Loans views, reports and dashboards

Easily produce ad-hoc and automated reports such a loan simulation report, loan schedule report, loan statement report, loan redemption report, etc...

You can also customize your own views of loans, use powerful filtering and search capabilities, navigate to bank and general ledger entries and export to Excel.

Aggregate loans positions across multiple portfolios and entities.


Document workflows

Create one step or multi-step workflows easily and optimise the flow of documents and data across users and departments. Setup notifications and send links to remote users on any device.

Set up your company, connect with other systems, get ready for the first loan and report on financial health.

Connect your CRM and upload under-writting documents to initiate approval workflows. 



Manage lender risks

Know your positions, daily and accurately with a 'single source of truth' type of system.

Revalue all counterparty positions as per  latest index values and currency exchange rates.

Keep track of collaterals along with facilities Loans to value and headroom reports.

Automated built-in Cashflow forecasting across all types of cash transactions.


Servicing the requirements of:

  • Structured and commercial finance providers
  • Asset and project finance managers
  • Public Sector finance
  • Wealth management
  • Leveraged operations management (headroom, LTV, etc...)
  • Loans insurance and re-issue

Bring in the Experts


Specialised financial services consultancy

  • Accounting
  • Wealth management
  • Corporate finance
  • Structured finance
  • Reporting and performance measurements

IT system and infrastructure management

  • Cloud and on-Prem deployment
  • Management and maintenance
  • Security hardening

Scope Analysis & Bespoke Development

  • Legacy system audit
  • Business requirements gathering
  • Detailed proposal
  • Bespoke software developments

Implementation services and ongoing support

  • Training
  • Setup
  • Data migration
  • Reports customization

The Investments and loans products have all the functionalities we requireA

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