The value proposition of the future

From on-premise to Cloud and AI cloud

The world in transformation

Where do you stand ?

From 'Software in a box' to 'End-to-end services'
From 'Transactional systems' to 'Data platforms'
From 'Local disparate systems' to 'Globally connected systems of intelligence'

If you are not sure what deployment is best for you we can certainly help in the process and support you with your long term strategy.

On Prem - We can deploy on your existing IT infrastructure whether physical or cloud.

Private cloud - We can deploy in a private and dedicated cloud instance and manage the security and the administration.

SaaS - We can deploy in a full Microsoft Dynamics  365 Business Central SaaS environment. The environment is managed by Microsoft.

Full and hybrid Cloud implementations

We adapt the deployment according to your IT strategy whether full or hybrid cloud


IT Infrastructure

You don't want to be burdened with the overhead required to manage the solution in-house


Budget planning

You prefer to adopt an operational expenditure model to deploy the solution


Security with flexibility

You're happy to rely on modern cloud security and leverage the flexibility it provides


On-Premise enterprise deployments

For those organisations that need to have full control of their IT and are subject to specific jurisdictional requirements.


IT Infrastructure

You have the physical environment, network architecture and talent in place to support the solution


Budget planning

You have the budget to deploy the solution using capital expenditure



Local regulation or internal compliance dictates that your data is kept in-house


You choose, we deliver


Start with an on premise deployment and easily move to cloud later, or vice versa, without compromising user experience


Simplify. Choose your deployment according to your needs, consolidate your IT and reduce your costs.


Benefit instantly from a modern, up-to-date, easy to use system to gain more productivity and user effectiveness

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