The Elysys Way: Family Office Software

Tony Solomou - May 29, 2018

Since 2008 Elysys has been working with CEO’s of family offices and individual investors to create flexible financial accounting and wealth management software that deliver uncomplicated processes to:

  • record financial transactions,
  • deliver basic performance evaluation and reporting,
  • simplify financial management tasks such as bank and cash management, and
  • enable the production of accounts.

Wealth Management Solution for Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals

We spend a lot of time listening to the main players in the financial industry and exploring our customers' needs and pain points. Our research has led us to develop Cloud Solutions that cater well to the following scenarios:

  • High Net Worth Indidviduals with the need to access their investment portfolio anytime, anywhere. Clients in this scenario generally have an assistant who looks after their multiple business interests, and, therefore, seek access to sophisticated accounting tools that integrates with the software that their assistants are already using.
  • Single-family Offices: CEO’s in the Single-family office scenario long for a system that reduces their administrative load, enables in-depth reporting while maintaining the utmost security of data.

Personalised Solutions based on an International Model

By choosing to develop our products based on the ERP model, we were able to achieve a Straight Through Processing capability resulting in a single transaction being carried throughout the system, avoiding duplication of entries and errors in the underlying data.

Elysys software is a series of end-to-end enterprise management solutions built within Microsoft Dynamics NAV - an existing application we believe provides an ideal combination of state of the art ERP functionality and a development platform on which we created our end-to-end enterprise management solution.

Additionally, by taking advantage of Microsoft’s technology, we leverage the integration with other products, e.g. SharePoint, Office, SQL Server, as well its inherent ability to deliver the front end to any device, Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, etc. Our close partnership with Microsoft means that we continually take advantage of all future advancements in the technology.

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Benefits of Using a Cloud-based ERP for Wealth Management software

No in-house network and hardware

By making use of Cloud-based Solutions, you are assured that your systems will always have the latest updates installed. We take care of recruiting technical staff that is capable and dedicated to maintaining your network and hardware.

No in-house backup systems

Our Cloud-based software services include backup facilities as well as disaster recovery solutions. On request, we provide our clients with copies of periodic backups for on-premise safekeeping.

No software investment layout

Our Cloud-based computing services follow a SaaS (Software as a Service) model; our clients’ computers and devices gets access software hosted on a remote server on-demand, without having to purchase software licenses. This reduction in cash results in a flexibility of cash flow for our clients.

No annual maintenance fees and no cost for software updates

Because of our Internet-hosted, Software as a Service model our clients don’t have to pay for software updates or spend on annual maintenance of a hardware infrastructure.

Flexible user base

Cloud-based software allows organisations to implement the system with one or more users, and upscale or downscale as necessary – no penalties incurred.

Access from outside the office

Cloud-based solutions allow you to access your financial system wherever you have access to the Internet.

Use your own device

Whatever your preferred device, tablet, Android phone or Mac, our Cloud-based solutions enable you to access the system from your own device.

How We Support our Clients

Elysys works in conjunction with our worldwide network of Microsoft Dynamics partners to provide outstanding implementation, training and support services that enable our customers to go live in a very short period, as well as have an on-going personal relationship with us.

As 85% of our business lies with SFOs or MFOs, discretion and confidentiality have been embedded deeply in our culture right from the start of our business. With clients spread worldwide in diverse countries such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Cyprus, Monaco, Switzerland, UK and USA, we are used to working across all time zones and local regulatory and tax requirements.

The Elysys Vision

Through years of experience, we have fine tuned our deployment, maintenance and support methodology to build best practices that ensures successful delivery every time in line with the cost constraints of the project.

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