Multi-Family Office Software

Integrated end-to-end financial systems for multi-family offices operating under multiple jurisdictions and working with numerous custodian banks and brokers


All encompassing wealth management software in a highly connected world


Digitalize processes to serve and expand beyond the evolving needs of a highly demanding marketplace.

Produce rapid and precise insight for superior in-depth and in-formed decision making.

Embracing a modern platform to simplify connections to third parties without compromising data security.

Document overload, workflow, validation, electronic signature.


Flexible financial management platform to serve the needs of fast pace and demanding Multi-Family Office organisations


Security is paramount, data access is securely segregated with a granular and flexible setup. Interconnect with Custodians, brokers and other market players securely using industry standards, well proven security protocols irrespective of cloud or on-premise solutions.


Empower all clients and beneficiary owners by producing insightful, modern dashboards, across a multitude of accounts and asset types. Leverage Business Intelligence technology to liberate the time consuming production of tailored reports and dashboard.


Bring a consistent and structured methodology to your regulatory and compliance governance across multiple jurisdictions. Minimize the compliance overhead across all segregated multi-family accounts. 


A stable, integrated, multi-family office software platform, the choice for providing a secure digital environment for growing mid-sized businesses. It is a powerful, intuitive integrated suite of software that opens up new levels of detail and enables quick, transparent, informed decision making.

Support your multiple families with a variety of different strategies that will evolve over time for each individual family.

Be ready to offer more highly personalized services in a modern and ultra connected marketplace.

Connect, interface and open up to the digital world in a secure and controlled manner, with greater accuracy, speed, and scale.


Agility without limits


Delight every family member with a connected and engaging experience


Adapt and innovate with the only platform that empowers your team to deliver operational excellence


Close more deals and build stronger relationships by improving productivity and performance

Problems solved

Meet family needs, before they ask for it.


Operational flexibility

  • In cloud or on-prem
  • Easily tailored & extendable 
  • Use any device, anywhere


Optimal performance

  • Faster reporting, cycle times, financial close
  • Role-based workspaces and workflow


Actionable insights

  • Simulate using historical data
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Built-in BI


Modern workspace

  • Connect your data with Microsoft 365
  • Power Platform and sophisticated apps


Simpler implementations

  • Getting started checklists
  • Kanban deployment methodology
  • Agreed deliverables


Easier staff onboarding

  • In-app contextual help
  • Break-through barriers
  • Adapt to anything

Elysys helped us deliver significant improvements and operational excellence

The reports and insight we get out of Elysys successfully help us to deliver our business vision, Elysys understands how our business works

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