Elysys Analytics

Intelligence across all your financial data


Change your perspective

Elysys Analytics is a ready to use, business intelligence platform designed for intuitive and visual analytics. 

The platform offers a whole new perspective to understand and manage complex financial  data.

This provides a consistent experience to build smart, agile and interactive reports.

Start solving your problems


Get rid of Excel spreadsheets


Keep Benefial Owners tuned in


Safeguard your investments in compliance and regulatory for now and in the future


Out of the box Aggregated portfolio data

Get all your financial data into one place and connect all the dots together:

  • Aggregate positions across all your entities, portfolios and asset classes.
  • Aggregate non financial assets such as expenses, vendors, fixed assets, etc...
  • Make the most out of all analytical fields, categories, dimensions from your transactional system.

Performance attribution at your fingertips

Elysys Analytics provides you with all the pre-calculated 'out of the box' performance measures you need in near real-time:

  • Time-weighted and money-weighted
  • Across different time bases
  • Across multiple currencies
  • Aggregated across all portfolio

Allowing users to extract  reports such as performance attribution and performance against risk reports.


Visualise risks

Elysys Analytics provides pre-calculated list of risk measures that can be easily extracted into views or charts.

  • Includes industry standard risk measures
  • Exposure to market and/or currency fluctuations
  • Exposure to underlying assets in support of derivative strategy
  • Headroom and facilities management



Monitor your ESG strategy

Stay of top your ESG strategy across the entire investment lifecycle, from idea generation through divestments.

Take a fresh look to rise to the new challenge and make quicker informed decision.

The comprehensive Elysys Analytics data platform provide the ESG data you require for both summary and detailed views.



'What if' scenario

Elysys Analytics provides build-in scenario to help and run different simulations through your portfolio data and assess the impact.

'What if' scenario are designed around the management of the impact of changes in market conditions and/or the effect of investment related decisions.

Run comparison reports featuring real and simulated positions.


On demand / Self serve...
You are in control

  • Drag and drop
  • Create your own views and reports
  • Enhance existing reports
  • Consistent and intuitive experience
  • Easy data search
  • Use smart tools for strong results

Bring in the Experts


Specialised financial services consultancy

  • Accounting
  • Wealth management
  • Corporate finance
  • Structured finance
  • Reporting and performance measurements

IT system and infrastructure management

  • Cloud and on-Prem deployment
  • Management and maintenance
  • Security hardening

Scope Analysis & Bespoke Development

  • Legacy system audit
  • Business requirements gathering
  • Detailed proposal
  • Bespoke software developments

Implementation services and ongoing support

  • Training
  • Setup
  • Data migration
  • Reports customization

The reports and insight we get out of Elysys successfully help us to deliver our business vision

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