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Tony Solomou - January 31, 2023

What are the trends for Single Family Offices this year?

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Tony Solomou - December 30, 2022

What are the top 5 essential features of family office software?

The technology that helps family offices manage complex wealth has really moved forward over the...

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Tony Solomou - November 30, 2022

Selection of Family Office Software: The Top Challenges Today - Revisited

Back in 2018, I wrote a blog on the subject of what I believed to be the challenges in selecting...

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Maxime Wattel - October 31, 2022

5 tips for best-in-class onboarding a new family office software

Onboarding a new software is critical for any company, but it is especially important for family...

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Tony Solomou - September 30, 2022

Considerations in selecting a software solution for your family office - Revisited

Back in 2016 we wrote a blog explaining what software solutions Family Offices were looking for,...

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Elysys - August 20, 2022

10 financial software terms every family office should know

A glossary of terms used by family office software providers The financial industry is renowned for...

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Elysys - July 18, 2022

Why digital transformation is now a race, rather than a long-term aspiration for family offices.

Industry transformation is happening as we speak and the financial industry is undergoing digital...

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Tony Solomou - June 16, 2022

3 things to bear in mind now that uncertainty has set in

Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has certainly changed the viewpoint of investors for the short...

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