Will diversifying your portfolio help it grow?

We all know the financial market is harder today than it has ever been, relying on traditional investments are not providing the return they once did. To combat this, investors are increasingly looking at broadening their portfolio contents, and more specifically looking at the expansion of the alternative assets share of these portfolios.

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Maxime Wattel
By Maxime Wattel
April 16, 2019
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The Elysys Way: Family Office Software

Since 2008 Elysys has been working with CEO’s of family offices and individual investors to create flexible financial accounting and wealth management software that deliver uncomplicated processes to:

  • record financial transactions,
  • deliver basic performance evaluation and reporting,
  • simplify financial management tasks such as bank and cash management,...

Topics: Wealth Accounting Software, family office software, Fund accounting Software, Fund management software

Tony Solomou
By Tony Solomou
May 29, 2018
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Tougher Regulatory Environments? Assess Your Fund Accounting Software

The winds of compliance have become considerably tougher on financial organisations over the last couple of years. Revelations such as the Panama documents leak have been adding nails in the coffin for family offices, Fund managers that have been enjoying smooth sailing in foreign countries with minimal to zero auditing requirements.

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Tony Solomou
By Tony Solomou
April 19, 2018
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