Elysys joined the Microsoft Directions EMEA conference

Elysys - November 01, 2021

Elysys has been lucky enough to have attended the recent Microsoft Directions EMEA Conference in Milan. 

The conference brings together the Microsoft community to drive innovation and success with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Some of our team had the opportunity to attend the conference and re-connect with our fellow Microsoft partners. One of the sessions discussed some great examples of the growth of Dynamics 365 Business Central online between 2019 and 2021, showing the momentum we can hope to see in the future too.

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At another session Microsoft highlighted their strong focus on providing the best security standards inside Dynamics 365 Business Central Online. This is one of the reasons why Elysys chose to build our financial software on such a secure foundation.

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Our final session was led by Mike Morton, General manager of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central, announcing the 2022 product roadmap, discussing some exciting things on the horizon!

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It was certainly a jam packed Directions EMEA 2021 conference and we wanted to thank Microsoft Dynamics for hosting us - and here is the Elysys dream team that attended, Cristian, Ivan and Maxime are part of the key team that design our innovative financial services software.

If you want to learn more about Elysys, read more about us.

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