Elysys Analytics named a great example of a comprehensive reporting solution by Forbes

Maxime Wattel - November 27, 2022

Family office software offers an alternative solution to outsourcing accounting solutions, or the dreaded death by Excel. 

The multi-entity accounting needs of family offices these days are complicated and need a dedicated and specialised software solution that focuses on the specific needs of family offices. Our out-of-the-box solution aggregates your portfolio data, it will ensure all your financial data is in one place, allowing you to connect all the dots, so to speak.

It will;

  • Aggregate positions across all your entities, portfolios and asset classes.

  • Aggregate non-financial assets such as expenses, vendors, fixed assets, etc.

  • Make the most of all analytical fields, categories and dimensions from your transactional system.

Not for the first time, Forbes has recognised us as a 'great example' of a family office software solution because we offer a whole new perspective to understanding and managing complex financial data. Named by Forbes as an innovative service provider, we specialise in the family office market, building family office reporting software designed for intuitive and visual analytics. allowing you to create smart, agile and interactive reports, quickly, easily and using real-time data.

We would welcome you to find out more about our family office reporting software that is spoken so highly of, or please contact us if you would like us to take you through a no-commitment demonstration of how it could help you.