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With the help of an accountant or two, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) are managing their assets directly with established private wealth managers. As a result, many HNWI are contracting out advisory and wealth management services.

In addition to managing the books, HNWI need their accountants to produce aggregated, highly detailed investment reports, across a diverse range of financial assets that:

  • Produce regulatory reports
  • Stay in control of accounts in custody
  • Keep infrastructure to a minimum






End-to-end wealth management packed with functionalities


From equities, private equities, fixed income securities to more advanced derivatives such as options, futures, forwards, Elysys Wealth provides great features for portfolio managements, spanning front to back office.


It gives you in depth visibility and control of your assets’ positions, allocations and performances. 


From financial statements, to portfolio management reporting and portfolio performance analytics, Elysys Wealth enables you to deliver more services by boosting your efficiency and effectively managing your assets.

Flexibility, ease of use and low infrastructure requirements



Keep infrastucture overhead to a bare minimum - no server ! Elysys Wealth runs on the cloud, benefiting from stringent security and access via mobile devices

  • Enjoy the familiar Microsoft look and feel, including complete integration with Excel.
  • Design your own reports without the need of an IT specialist


With an all-in-one wealth management system, you can respond quickly to last-minute requests and continually drive efficiency, control your cost and do more.

Rapid time to value, optimised deployment services


Using Dynamics 365 Business Central ‘rapidstart’ service we will get you up to speed within weeks. We have a collection of ready-made templates that we can use to create your company’s framework from scratch - onshore and offshore.

Our support team is always just a click away to make sure you get the best of your solution month after month, year after year.




Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for wealth and portfolio management?



As a flexible end-to-end ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the first ERP solution of choice for mid-sized businesses. It offers great leverage to industry vertical solutions like Elysys Wealth.  It is a powerful, intuitive tool that speeds your reporting, opens up new levels of detail and enables quick, informed decision making.


The financial management module is the cornerstone of the whole application and is designed around the ledger and subledger accounting principle. Elysys Wealth follows the exact same design principle, making the whole solution highly flexible so that it can be tailored to the unique requirements of your business

Elysys Performance BI - The perfect complement to Elysys Wealth

Pre-calculated Investments performance including TWR since inception, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 years, YTQ, QTD, MTD
All pre-calculated performance figures are stored in a OLAP cube. Analyse performance per Investment, per portfolio, per Asset Class, per Industry Sector ...
Create performance analysis dashboards using the visualization tool of your choice and share the views with other business stakeholders
Do not spend your time trying to calculate your Time Weighted Returns, get instant proofed TWR that will provide leverage to your Investment Managers.

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