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Elysys BI - Real Business Intelligence

Elysys BI expands the reporting functionality of the Elysys suite of software. Get deeper business insight across the Elysys Wealth and Loans software suite in the cloud or on-premise.

Insight Into Your Personal Wealth

Elysys BI gives you deeper insights into your personal finances. Use Elysys BI to expand the reporting capabilities of your Elysys solution by getting fast, efficient access to your data. Easily keep your finger on the pulse of your investments and portfolio performance.

Insight For Single or Multi-Family Offices

Elysys BI expands your Elysys Dynamics platform. Not only do you get the granularity of reporting that you would expect across companies, portfolios and custodians, but if you use Elysys Wealth then you are also able to segregate your reporting on a client by client basis and share dashboards with them securely.

Insight For Your Asset Management Company

Elysys BI is an essential add-on if you are using Elysys Wealth. Create reports, visualisations and dashboards to share live data securely with your clients or use them yourself to help you make the decisions you need to with confidence across a range of different financial assets.

Why Elysys BI?

Elysys BI is the next generation of reporting for the Elysys suite of software. You spoke and we listened by extending the business intelligence capabilities across the Elysys Loans and Elysys Wealth products by leveraging the latest Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services technology. Utilise Microsoft's Power BI or other third-party data visualisation tools, to produce dashboards and reports to get unprecedented detail into the wealth you manage. Whether you are looking to get instant insights into your performance analysis and returns or are providing financial services and need to segregate client reporting and share live data via secure dashboards with your clients, Elysys BI scales to give you the level of insight you need.

Download our data sheets and discover the power of Elysys BI

BI Product Information

Use Elysys On-Premise

You have the physical environment, network architecture and talent in place to support the solution
You have the budget to deploy the solution using capital expenditure
Local regulation or internal compliance dictates that your data is kept in-house

Use Elysys in the Cloud

You don't want to be burdened with the overhead required to manage the solution in-house
You prefer to adopt an operational expenditure model to deploy the solution
You're happy to rely on modern cloud security and leverage the flexibility it provides
  • "We worked with Elysys to deliver a family office management system to an important client. They were really easy to work with throughout the engagement and brought a level of expertise and knowledge of the family office industry that made us and our client confident in their ability to deliver from the outset.” Jeffrey Fletcher - Accumen Consulting

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    "Elysys solutions have eased and automated our ability to manage our single and multi-family operations. In Elysys we have found a partner that helps us to support our systems and enabled us to widen our service offering to meet our future plans. Ultimately we can strive to give our clients the best financial services possible.” Doumit Abisaleh - CTIO, W&Cie, Geneva

Would Elysys BI Work For Me?

We would love to talk to you about how Elysys BI could empower your finance activities. Why not schedule a demo now.

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