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Asset management companies are taking wealth management to a different level by offering wealth management services on an industrial scale, to a higher volume of clients.


While keeping flexibility to adapt to different investment mandates and offer superior services, the challenge for asset managers today is to understand their customer value and focus on their key processes to continuously increase it.




wealth management financial software


Stay ahead of the competition


With Elysys Wealth your business is powered by the first ERP choice for mid-sized businesses directly linked to Office 365. It offers great leverage to industry verticals like Elysys Wealth.


While we concentrate on providing you with the best wealth management features, we rely on Microsoft to provide us with a secure, complete and fully integrated business solution. From server to cloud, desktop to mobile, get one familiar experience to automate your business and amaze your customers.


Reports and analytics

 Reports and analytics icon


Personalise, run and send your reports automatically, making the traditional reporting process a thing of the past.

Bring data together, connect to your data in a visual and interactive manner, slice and dice your measures across your dimensions, identify potential sources of risk or growth and communicate dashboards to shareholders and clients.

Pre-calculated Time Weighted Return performances are just a click away (TWR since inception, 5-4-3-2-1 years, YTD, QTD and MTD) and are calculated in three different currencies.

Front to back office,
we have it all


Initially built from the back office, Elysys Wealth naturally evolved over the last 10 years to include specific mid and front office features. Even though it is all part of the same system there is a clear split of data allowing each department to:

  • run their own reports at their own pace
  • calculate their fees including performance fees
  • undo transactions in a controlled way when necessary

From interface with market players (custodians) to general ledger entries, from trade date accounting to settlement date accounting, Elysys Wealth will suit the purpose.


Wealth management financial software

Regulatory and compliance

 Regulatory and compliance icon

To meet local regulatory requirements, Microsoft issues 20 ‘localisation’ or different versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central for different countries. Additional local functionalities may be sourced from local NAV partners if necessary. The Elysys Wealth package also includes many functionalities for tax reporting and compliance to regulations/mandates, such as a flexible compliance module.

The system complies to IFRS as well as US GAAP and includes an option to track investments at IFRS cost for accounting purposes, as well as historical cost for Investment management purposes.

Elysys Performance BI - The perfect complement to Elysys Wealth

Pre-calculated Investments performance including TWR since inception, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 years, YTQ, QTD, MTD in three currencies
All pre-calculated performance figures are stored in a OLAP cube. Analyse performance per Investment, per portfolio, per Asset Class, per Industry Sector ...
Create performance analysis dashboards using the visualization tool of your choice and share the views with other business stakeholders
Do not spend your time trying to calculate your Time Weighted Returns, get instant proofed TWR that will provide leverage to your Investment Managers.

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