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Looking for a wealth or loans accounting software?


Our integrated financial software breaks down the silos between front, mid and back offices and empowers users by driving intelligent decisions and outcomes.


Why Elysys software solutions?

Fully integrated, enterprise solution

Our Enterprise financial software solutions are designed by leveraging the strength and versatility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Not only can you manage your business centrally from front to back, you get the best of both worlds: A powerful ERP together with a best of breed vertical solution.

Take your information system to the next level
Access all of your structured financial data in an easy and secure manner. Make use of dimension codes throughout to slice and dice your data. Connect modern visualization tools to our multi-dimensional cubes to create dashboards and communicate visuals. Offering live information for everyone.
Enhance your user experience and do more
Complex financial software does not have to be difficult to use. Empower your team with industry standard user experience, go live quicker and provide more services to your clients.


Designed for your financial services company



wealth management software

Wealth Management


Asset managers
Multi family offices
Family offices software
Public Investment accounting
Fund Accounting software

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loans management software

Loans Management


Commodity Finance
Leverage and Project Finance
Structured Debt
Corporate Acquisition Finance
Asset Finance (Aero, Shipping ...)
Private Lending, Loans Syndication

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Stop guessing ... Start visualizing
Easily and securely connect to our cubes and start visualizing your data

 Microsoft Dynamics NAV based financial system logo


Based on the established ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) certification, Elysys has the highest possible accreditation Microsoft can offer.


Innovative Financial Systems


Our software offers innovative, end-to-end, enterprise management solutions, built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The platform offers a wealth of functionalities to act as a backbone for all your financial management operations.

The software is fast to implement and easy to use. From startups, to small and medium financial groups, to larger enterprises, Elysys can benefit businesses of all sizes and allow them to offer superior services to their clients.












5 Areas of Family Office Operations to Introduce Cost Efficiencies

Struggling to deliver income for your clients as low-risk investment opportunities dwindle? This eBook explores the areas of your family office operations where costs can be reduced, from investment management, to compliance, and the evolution of the family office.

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