Elysys MFO for Multi-Family Offices

Elysys MFO is the result of years of experience working directly with single family offices and then multi-client family offices. Naturally our Elysys MFO software offers the flexibility and features you would expect from enterprise class software but accessible to you now. This is your multi-family office managed your way.

Power Your Multi-Family Office

Elysys MFO is the next evolution of our Elysys SFO platform. Underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics powerful enterprise level ERP platform, it is tailored specifically for multi-client family offices, whether you are a third-party, a multi-family office or have started off as a single family office and expanded into a multi-family office over time. Either way, maintaining discreet boundaries between your multi-family clients is imperative. No doubt you are also focused on reducing your overall cost of operation and improving communication, both internally as well as providing timely information to your clients. Your clients are likely to have their business interests in more than one legislative zone and you will most probably have offices in multiple countries, requiring powerful and flexible implementations and control of your systems. If this is your scenario, the Elysys MFO platform is the solution for you.

Why Elysys MFO?

When we created Elysys MFO, we built on our experience of working with multi-family offices. Firstly, as with all our products the solution had to be flexible enough to allow you to run your business your way. It had to reduce administrative costs by streamlining workflows and by connecting your front and back office seamlessly. It had to have the capability to scale as your business grows, whether it was deployed as a Cloud-based or an on-premise solution. If you were going to deploy the solution on-premise, it should not add overhead to your existing IT team and must be flexible enough to integrate with the tools your team loves to use like Microsoft Office. Most importantly, the software would allow you to create discreet boundaries between client family accounts and establish your own internal processes and compliance. Ultimately we had to deliver enterprise level functionality that was accessible to organisations without needing the budget of an investment bank. The result is Elysys MFO, software that allows you to run your business your way.

Download our data sheets and discover the power of Elysys MFO

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Use Elysys On-Premise

You have the physical environment, network architecture and talent in place to support the solution
You have the budget to deploy the solution using capital expenditure
Local regulation or internal compliance dictates that your data is kept in-house

Use Elysys in the Cloud

You don't want to be burdened with the overhead required to manage the solution in-house
You prefer to adopt an operational expenditure model to deploy the solution
You're happy to rely on modern cloud security and leverage the flexibility it provides
  • "We worked with Elysys to deliver a family office management system to an important client. They were really easy to work with throughout the engagement and brought a level of expertise and knowledge of the family office industry that made us and our client confident in their ability to deliver from the outset.” Jeffrey Fletcher - Accumen Consulting

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    "Elysys solutions have eased and automated our ability to manage our single and multi-family operations. In Elysys we have found a partner that helps us to support our systems and enabled us to widen our service offering to meet our future plans. Ultimately we can strive to give our clients the best financial services possible.” Doumit Abisaleh - CTIO, W&Cie, Geneva

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