Elysys SFO for Single Family Offices

Elysys SFO is an evolution of years of working with single family offices. We pour everything we learn back into our software making Elysys SFO a platform that is specifically tailored for managing your business your way.

Power Your Personal Wealth Management

Elysys SFO deployed in the cloud is ideal for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals that need software that's more powerful than spreadsheets or off-the-shelf accounting software. Elysys SFO gives you enterprise level functionality that enables you and your advisors to take control of your personal wealth.

Power Your Small Single Family Office

If you manage a small single family office then Elysys SFO can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise to help you streamline your processes, reduce costs and give you the space to focus on the bottom line. It is ideal for single family offices that are looking to cut down on the costs of managing software internally.

Power Your Larger Single Family Office

The Elysys SFO product is robust enough to offer enterprise level functionality to connect your front and back office with straight through processing in larger single family offices even if operating in multiple legislative zones with complex consolidation and compliance requirements.

Why Elysys SFO?

When we created Elysys SFO we kept in mind the things that matter most to a single family office. Firstly the solution had to be flexible enough to allow you to run your business your way. It had to reduce administrative costs by streamlining workflows. It had to have the capability to scale to the single family offices user needs either in the cloud or in an on-premise deployment. Ultimately we had to deliver enterprise level functionality that was accessible to organisations without needing the budget of an investment bank. We chose Microsoft Dymanics' powerful enterprise level ERP platform to underpin our solution and give our clients a platform they can trust.

Download our data sheets and discover the power of Elysys SFO

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Use Elysys On-Premise

You have the physical environment, network architecture and talent in place to support the solution
You have the budget to deploy the solution using capital expenditure
Local regulation or internal compliance dictates that your data is kept in-house

Use Elysys in the Cloud

You don't want to be burdened with the overhead required to manage the solution in-house
You prefer to adopt an operational expenditure model to deploy the solution
You're happy to rely on modern cloud security and leverage the flexibility it provides
  • "We worked with Elysys to deliver a family office management system to an important client. They were really easy to work with throughout the engagement and brought a level of expertise and knowledge of the family office industry that made us and our client confident in their ability to deliver from the outset.” Jeffrey Fletcher - Accumen Consulting

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    "Elysys solutions have eased and automated our ability to manage our single and multi-family operations. In Elysys we have found a partner that helps us to support our systems and enabled us to widen our service offering to meet our future plans. Ultimately we can strive to give our clients the best financial services possible.” Doumit Abisaleh - CTIO, W&Cie, Geneva

Will Elysys SFO Work For Me?

We would love to talk to you about how Elysys SFO could empower your single family office. Why not schedule a demo now.

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