Elysys AM for Asset Management Companies

Elysys AM is designed for organisations that provide fund management and administration services, either by selling products directly to customers or as part of corporate and other business advisory services. Our software will help lower your costs and prepare you to manage your business and clients in a time of increased regulatory compliance. We can help you be more agile and take advantage of the new wealth and finance order.

Power Your Asset Management Company

Elysys AM brings you a complete portfolio, investment and fund management solution and allows you to streamline your workflow processes in accordance with your business practices. With no limit to the number of funds, currency denomination or share class structuring, you can administer the holdings of your customers, as well as their regulated information and underlying documentation. Flexible NAV formulas and design combined with powerful reporting and delivery of information and relevant data to customers enable you to customise your business the way you want to work. With the tools to ensure compliance to fund strategy and complete audit trail, you can stay confident that risks are managed properly.

Why Elysys AM?

The world of finance and asset management is changing and you need a tool that will not only allow you to take advantage of change but be a stable platform on which to run your business in times of change. You need a tool that works for your business across all departments and functionalities without having to access diverse systems. You need a tool that will help you to manage your existing customers, gain new ones and diversify your activities in new products, strategies and markets. You need Elysys AM.

Download our data sheets and discover the power of Elysys AM

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Use Elysys On-Premise

You have the physical environment, network architecture and talent in place to support the solution
You have the budget to deploy the solution using capital expenditure
Local regulation or internal compliance dictates that your data is kept in-house

Use Elysys in the Cloud

You don't want to be burdened with the overhead required to manage the solution in-house
You prefer to adopt an operational expenditure model to deploy the solution
You're happy to rely on modern cloud security and leverage the flexibility it provides
  • "We worked with Elysys to deliver a family office management system to an important client. They were really easy to work with throughout the engagement and brought a level of expertise and knowledge of the family office industry that made us and our client confident in their ability to deliver from the outset.” Jeffrey Fletcher - Accumen Consulting

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    "Elysys solutions have eased and automated our ability to manage our single and multi-family operations. In Elysys we have found a partner that helps us to support our systems and enabled us to widen our service offering to meet our future plans. Ultimately we can strive to give our clients the best financial services possible.” Doumit Abisaleh - CTIO, W&Cie, Geneva

Would Elysys AM Work For Me?

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