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Structured finance is a vibrant, technology eager, challenging sector in the Financial industry. From asset finance to structured debts and loans syndication, most complex requirements arise from issuing marketable securities.

Successful issuers of products such as loans, lease, fixed income, MBS, CLO etc … are seeking to optimise their operations towards:

  • keeping control over proprietary models and transaction structure
  • making sure they comply with regulations while managing risks
  • providing increased transparency and disclosure to investors and governments




wealth management financial software


Solving the integration need in structured finance


Regardless of how complex your structured finance business might be, Elysys offers a range of advanced ‘out of the box’ structured finance features, allowing you to:

  • Manage your investor funds in different ways
  • Manage your lending using versatile features such as integrated loans, bonds and MBS modules
  • Combine your lending with other assets class (asset backed or pledged) including equities, private equities, real estate etc
  • Easily control your debtors accounts centrally and instantly without additional entries
  • Easily produce management account reports and financial statements from the same system

Improve speed and productivity and enjoy higher margins with Elysys Wealth and Elysys Loans software systems

Improve control of your financial operations



Keep control and stay ahead of your proprietary models and transaction structures with a well-structured financial software design.

The ‘one sub-ledger per module’ design allows you to easily find and track every transaction detail. The ‘Navigate’ function provides instant visibility across the system, including general ledger, settlement ledger, bank ledger and debtor ledger.

Satisfy complex regulatory and compliance demands


Risk based capital regulations comes with their share of implementation challenges (including asset level disclosure requirements). International accounting standards add another layer of regulatory requirements to be observed, while business stakeholders impose their own compliance rules.

The solid accounting base of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, coupled with the Elysys compliance module and regulatory reports makes Elysys solutions a strategic software platform for the industry.


wealth management financial software

 Boost your CRM and underwriting process

 Financial software integration

Integrate with finance and improve your credit underwriting process, from marketing to applicant onboarding, credit check and risk analysis. Define your workflow from front office to back office to fit your organisation’s processes.


Provide online workflows and services to leads, clients and third parties securely, from any mobile device or directly from your website. 

Elysys Performance BI - The perfect complement to Elysys Wealth

Pre-calculated Investments performance including TWR since inception, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 years, YTQ, QTD, MTD in three currencies
All pre-calculated performance figures are stored in a OLAP cube. Analyse performance per Investment, per portfolio, per Asset Class, per Industry Sector ...
Create performance analysis dashboards using the visualization tool of your choice and share the views with other business stakeholders
Do not spend your time trying to calculate your Time Weighted Returns, get instant proofed TWR that will provide leverage to your Investment Managers.

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