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Elysys Lifecycle Services

The Elysys Lifecycle Services Methodology has been developed over years of experience. Our methodology helps us to deploy our Elysys solutions quickly, in line with your budget and business requirements. It then ensures that your system is supported throughout it's lifetime and upgraded in order to keep up with the latest features and functionality and provides a framework around which we can work with you to further optimise your Elysys solution.

Elysys Professional Services



The professional services stages of the Elysys Lifecycle Services Methodology focuses on delivering the optimal solution for your base Elysys software installation (on-premise deployment scenarios). When working with you on Cloud-based deployments the same methodology is applied, although a lighter version is used as is appropriate to the nature of the Cloud.


The Engage stage is about connecting and understanding you, our potential customer. We'll talk to you to better understand your business and your requirements and introduce our products and services as a potential solution to your business needs.


The analyse stage sees do deeper analysis of your business requirements as well as putting together a document that outlines the High Level plan in terms of objectives and deliverables. This scope becomes the basis of our future engagement.


We put together a detailed project plan for your solution and conduct the installation of your Elysys solution during the delivery stage. We will also provide the necessary training so that you get the most our of your Elysys software solution and help you with the data migration process before taking your solution live.

Support and Optimisation Services



The support and optimise stages take care of your Elysys solution over the long-term.


You can choose from our Silver or Gold Service Plans in order to provide the right level of support for your Elysys solution. The Silver plan provides access to our support team for free of issue resolution to your Elysys solution post go-live as well as software upgrades at no extra charge. The Gold plan includes not only issue resolution free of charge but also software upgrades and the services required to implement them. All our clients get access to our support portal.


We have two approaches to system optimisation and enhancement. The first is our feature inclusion programme where we invite our customers to request new features for permanent inclusion across our platform. The second is where you might have a specific request that is unique to your solution that you would like included.

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    "We worked with Elysys to deliver a family office management system to an important client. They were really easy to work with throughout the engagement and brought a level of expertise and knowledge of the family office industry that made us and our client confident in their ability to deliver from the outset.” Jeffrey Fletcher - Accumen Consulting

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    "Elysys solutions have eased and automated our ability to manage our single and multi-family operations. In Elysys we have found a partner that helps us to support our systems and enabled us to widen our service offering to meet our future plans. Ultimately we can strive to give our clients the best financial services possible.” Doumit Abisaleh - CTIO, W&Cie, Geneva

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